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[Pinned] Nostalrius returns

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[Pinned] Nickname - Class - Specc (Application Template - Must use)

Healers make sure to read the healing guide before applyingYou can copy/paste the following template *Note - "b" stands for bold and "u" for underline in forums and both serve the purpose of highlighting the questions so it can differ from your an...
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Guild News

[Pinned] Keeping Emphasis alive with TBC

So, a bunch of us are going TBC to keep the community alive and together. We still haven't given up on clearing AQ but we don't want to do it on a shit server. If the devs of Nost continue on a New Nostalrius in Russia, Belarus or Romania then I w...
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Guild Information

[Pinned] Guild Rules & General Information

WelcomeWe are Emphasis, a EU-Horde Guild on Nostalrius Begins. Our common goal as a guild is efficient raiding. We strive to beat the best and be the best.We actively participate in world boss kills. We use loot council. Recruitment: We are looki...
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Abraxgar - High Voodoo Priestess - Holy [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name: PatrickAge: 26Country: SloveniaTimezone: GMT+01:00Character InformationCharacter name: AbraxgarCurrent level: 60Race/Class: Troll/PriestPrimary raiding spec:
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Handycow - Druid [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name: Boris..Age:24..Country:Croatia..Timezone:+1..What kind of person are you: Depends if i have my period or not..Character InformationCharacter name: HandycowRace/Class: Tauren/DruidCurrent level: 60..Primary ...
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Iopeka - Warrior [Accepted]

Your real life name: Benjamin Koletič..Age: 21..Country: Slovenia.. Timezone: EU timezone..What kind of person are you: a willing to help kind of a guy haha..Character InformationCharacter name: .. IopekaRace/Class: .. Orc warriorCurrent level: .....
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Forgottenson - Warlock [Declined]

Personal InformationYour real life name: Dave..Age: 32..Country: USA..Timezone: EST..What kind of person are you: Friendly, Reliable, Business Owner, Hard Worker and Professional Ganker..Character InformationCharacter name: ForgottensonRace/Class:...
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nakano-troll-hunter [Declined]

Personal InformationAlexandru Costec25 years oldRomaniaGMT +2Ambitious person that tries to do things to perfectionCharacter InformationNakanoTroll Female HunterLevel 60Primary raiding spec
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nakano2871Small Kolis 5y

Euphoria - druid - resto [Declined]

Personal Information Your real life name: Matt..Age: 32..Country: USA..Timezone: est ..What kind of person are you: funny and hard working. Also older than the typical gamer, so I can switch from inappropriate humor to family man Character Infor...
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Restobull - Shaman - Restoration [Accepted] Social

Your real life name: NemanjaAge: 24Country: SerbiaTimezone: GTM +1What kind of person are you: Am more like old school kind of person.Character InformationCharacter name: RestobullRace/Class: Tauren ShamanCurrent level: 60Primary raiding spec: Res...
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Heavenscape - Priest [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name:MikeAge:19Country:PolandTimezone:GMT+1, GMT+2 throughout DSTWhat kind of person are you:Cripplingly depressed meme demiurgeCharacter InformationCharacter name: HeavenscapeRace/Class: Undead PriestCurrent lev...
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Sylfaen - Warlock - DS/Ruin [Declined]

Your real life name:Justin Age:26Country:USATimezone:ESTWhat kind of person are you:My feelings about gnomes: InformationCharacter name: SylfaenRace/Class: OrcCurren...
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Numbr - Mage - Frost [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name: AlexanderAge: 24Country: GermanyTimezone: GMT +1What kind of person are you: Relaxed and chill, don't expect drama.[b]Character Information[/b]Character name: NumbrRace/Class: Undead/MageCurrent level: 60Pr...
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Asmy - Priest - Holy [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name:ArturAge:32Country:BelarusTimezone:+3 GMTWhat kind of person are you:Nervous but responsible and loyal :)..Character InformationCharacter name: AsmyRace/Class: Undead/PiestCurrent level: 60Primary raiding sp...
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Aspatam Hunter [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name:JensAge:28Country:GermanyTimezone:UTC+1, MEZWhat kind of person are you:a tryhard with 100% raid activity :DCharacter InformationCharacter name: AspatamRace/Class: Troll HunterCurrent level: 60Primary raidin...
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Woorstfinger - Warlock [Accepted]

Your real life name:DinoAge:24Country:GERTimezone:Server TimezoneWhat kind of person are you:Very friendly and helpful personCharacter InformationCharacter name: Woorstfinger/TuatRace/Class: Orc Warlock/Tauren WarriorCurrent level: 60/60Primary ra...
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Woorstfinger-Warlock2908Small Kolis 5y

Opel - Hunter [Declined]

Your real life name: RuslanAge:27Country: RussiaTimezone:GMT+2What kind of person are you: Character name: OpelRace/Class: Tauren HunterCurrent level: 60Primary raiding spec: 14/31/6Gear, are you close to your preraid BiS:....Professions: 300Leath...
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Opel2923Small Dantos 5y

Agder - Warrior - Protection

Name: JoakimCountry: SwedenCurrent occupation: Preparatory studies before university, about to apply to a degree of construction engineering next fallWhat about me and my previous experience?I am formerly or right now a member of Brilliance which ...
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Dejolina - Mage [Declined]

Personal InformationYour real life name: MrazAge:28Country: CroatiaTimezone:UTC+01:00What kind of person are you:The kind that likes to smoke weed, have fun, read & drink..and have sexual intercourse with females. Of course, I like gaming-have...
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