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We are Emphasis, a EU-Horde Guild on Nostalrius Begins.

  • Our common goal as a guild is efficient raiding.
  • We strive to beat the best and be the best.
  • We actively participate in world boss kills.
  • We use loot council.

  • We are looking for players with high attendance.
  • Leveling players are more than welcome to apply.
  • We expect players to contribute to our raids as much as possible. This means farming all gear, enchants, and consumables that are obtainable outside of raids.

We want all our trials/raiders to:

  • Farm pre-raid best in slot items, no matter how small the upgrade.
  • Farm potions, buffs and flasks for every raid. You will find detailed lists for every class at the respective class section.
  • Enchant all gear that is pre-raid bis or better before next raid, this will be monitored.
  • A perfect understanding of all boss tactics before joining a raid.
  • Requests of the officers need to be heeded and carried out in a timely fashion.
  • Speak English in the guild chat.
  • Create two level 20 warlock alts.
  • Download skype and use it.
  • Have a mature attitude towards other members but also players outside the guild. This means that spamming, trolling, begging or ninja-looting will not be tolerated within or outside the guild.
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