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What is going to happen?

We will continue pushing for faster clears in Blackwing Lair, Molten Core and Zul’Gurub like usual and continue our preparations for Ahn’Qiraj. To most of you the only notable difference is that there will be more players and new friends in the guild. With a larger number of raiders this means that a few raiders will be benched on the main raiding day, but being benched is not a punishment. We will not bench you because you are a bad player in our eyes. For instance, one might be benched after receiving plenty of loot and your are not next in line for a rare item. There will be a rotation of players to promote some more competition for the AQ40 Progress Raids, but if always perform your very best you will not be benched twice in a row. In the first few raids we will strive towards an equal split of our respective cores to get stepwise integrate the new raiders to our community. Your respective class leader will keep you updated and help you out if you have questions regarding your performance, gear optimization, how to improve and similar matters.

And as the guild is growing we are will therefore start a proper secondary alt, trial and social raid. With the new players we can easily start to look into doing Molten Core and later also Blackwing Lair on an off-day. More and more people are getting alts to level 60 and are eager to gear them up. This is something we greatly encourage. Playing a different role gives you more perspective and understanding of the game which is essential for AQ40 and Naxx. Therefore the alt raid will be a possibility for alts to get guild organized runs with the same people as always, but on different characters. This is also an opportunity for raiders who cannot join on the main raid day to still get items. Or if you cannot get the world buffs one week, then you can come the next week when you are prepared again. And I promise you we will see more Bindings in the alt run than in the main run! More details regarding the alt run will come in the future.

Our next raid will be on Wednesday as always and before that I encourage you all to get to know all the new members!

With kind regards,
Emphasis Leadership
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big fun
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we are growing baby ! we will last till the server goes down !!
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It should also be noted that given the larger number of people in the guild, signing up earlier is more important than before. Someone who is signing up days in advance will have priority over one signing up 5 hours before the raid. This should not be necessary to say, but here it is written down.
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