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#12945584 Dec 26, 2016 at 05:44 PM
Personal Information

Your real life name: Mike

Age: 25
Country: Greece
Timezone: GMT +2
What kind of person are you: I’m a cool kid! Don't really like this kind of questions tbh, people are complex and its not fair to try and categorise them, everyone is unique!

Character Information

Character name: Izma
Race/Class: Troll/Shaman
Current level: 60
Primary raiding spec: 0/5/46
Gear, are you close to your preraid BiS?
 Single target healing gear -Full t1 full bis (only ring set is not bis but close=zg set rings)
Chain healing gear -3t2 set plus mc and bwl gear
I also use a vael set and an mp5 set for progression in fights such as chrom, i generally like to create and use sets fitting different encounters and situations accordingly.
Professions: Skinning 315 + Dragonscale lw 300

Are there any addons which you use that you would like to mention: luna, bongos, bigwigs, recap, ktm, totem timers, titan bars, casterstats, snowfall, casting bar, wardrobe and more..


Class/Raiding experience: I have done full content progression raiding in both kronos and nostalrius with a shadow priest and a resto shaman. My mentality when it comes to new content and raiding is that I wanna fully experience it and not get carried through it, but actually do it from the start with like minded and similarly geared people. That’s why when I join a guild I want to be on the same level of progression and gear as them.
Current/previous guilds you want to mention: In nost Argonauts and Supernova and in kronos ii Paradox
Why do you want to join us: I think I already analysed that in the section “Class/Raiding experience” :P
Why would we invite you over other people: That’s for you to decide tbh, but I feel that my dedication and patience during raiding are not so easy to find atm unfortunately.
Where do you see yourself in 6 months from now wow-related: Hopefully having completed full progression in aq and preparing/starting raiding naxx!
Do you know anyone in Emphasis who can vouch for you?
Not really but it has been a long time since shutdown so wouldn't remember tbh..

Raiding Information

Emphasis raids on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. During progress there is an additional raid on Monday.
Raid starts at 19:00(Server Time) and the raids end at 23:00(Server Time).
Are you able to attend all these raids?
From ingame chats I’ve had with a couple of people and from ur world chat ad I have the impression you will be raiding Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. If thats the case, its absolutely fine with me, however in case you are still raiding on Sundays then it could be a problem sometimes.
Consumables, what do you bring for progress/farm raids, be specific:
Flasks, protection potions, major mana, runes, mana oils, intellect elixirs, mageblood, nightfin soup, ramsey rum
Microphone, do you have one and are you willing to use it? Not mandatory, but advised:
Yeap I have one and use it often!
Please post a screenshot from your user interface:

Anything else you would like us to know?
 Hmmm I just got out of the navy so excuse me if I behave a lil bit weird for the first month or so, I'm trying to become a normal human being again, need some time :P
#12945669 Dec 26, 2016 at 06:14 PM
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Nice to see you applied. Accepted for trial
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