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#12951435 Dec 29, 2016 at 07:23 PM
Your real life name: Ruslan


Country: Russia


What kind of person are you:

Character name: Opel
Race/Class: Tauren Hunter
Current level: 60
Primary raiding spec: 14/31/6
Gear, are you close to your preraid BiS:
Professions: 300Leather 300 Skinning
Are there any addons which you use that you would like to mention: X-perl, KTM, DMG meter, Ora

Class/Raiding experience: On this hunter mc, onyxia and ZG, BWL
Current/previous guilds you want to mention:no not really
Why do you want to join us: You look like a active guild.
Why would we invite you over other people: I allways come preparid, i know all the contents.
Where do you see yourself in 6 months from now wow-related: Raiding AQ.
Do you know anyone in Emphasis who can vouch for you? no

Raiding Information
Emphasis raids on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. During progress there is an additional raid on Monday.
Raid starts at 19:00(Server Time) and the raids end at 23:00(Server Time).
Are you able to attend all these raids? yes
Consumables, what do you bring for progress/farm raids, be specific: Elixir of the mongoose, Agility scrolls, mana pots, fish
Microphone, do you have one and are you willing to use it? yes
Please post a screenshot from your user interface:
#12952761 Dec 30, 2016 at 11:34 AM · Edited over 5 years ago
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Greetings Opel,
At first, thanks for you Interest in Emphasis. At the Moment we are very good on Hunters so i cant give you a raidspot. Whish you good luck for the future.
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