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#12961593 Jan 03, 2017 at 10:05 PM
Restobull the Shaman
Your real life name:



GTM +1

What kind of person are you:
Am more like old school kind of person.

Character Information
Character name:

Tauren Shaman

Current level:

Primary raiding spec:

Gear, are you close to your preraid BiS ?
Full on pre-raid BiS and 3 set of T1

Enchanting + Alchemy 300

Are there any addons which you use that you would like to mention:
ModUI, Prat, BigWigs, OmniCC, Totems and Ankh addons, MSBT

Class/Raiding experience:
Played shaman since ever, raided MC, Ony, ZG and BWL since Nost.

Current/previous guilds you want to mention:
Eternal, Pro by Default and last one cant remember.

Why do you want to join us:
Besides that you need me :), i need some awesomeness and coolness like you guys possess.

Why would we invite you over other people:
There is only one Restobull

Where do you see yourself in 6 months from now wow-related:
Hopefully full epic, T1-T2, with all enchants and formulas that am missing and being a part of skillful core raided to help guildies (alt or new members).

Do you know anyone in Emphasis who can vouch for you?
Unfortunately, no.

Raiding Information
Emphasis raids on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. During progress there is an additional raid on Sunday.
Raid starts at 19:00(Server Time) and the raids end at 23:00(Server Time).
Are you able to attend all these raids?
Yes am able to attend all the raids.

Consumables, what do you bring for progress/farm raids, be specific:
Major Mana Potions and potions needed for resisting and absorbing damage, Nightfin Soup, Mana Oil, Elixir of the Sages, maybe few more items.

Microphone, do you have one and are you willing to use it? Not mandatory, but advised:
Yes i have it and will use it ofc.

Please post a screenshot from your user interface:

Anything else you would like us to know?
Lets get on with each others and do some raids hopefully.
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Pozdrav Nemanja

Accepted as social. Contact me to begin your trial when you feel you are ready for it

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