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Kitai - Mage - Frost/Ele [Accepted] Trial

I was already in the guild but it looks like my char got rolled back like 5 levels to before I joined the guild and the GMs refuse to do anything even tho realmplayers says otherwise.Personal InformationYour real life name: Jesse..Age: 21..Country...
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Kitai31080Member avatar small Assholio 5y

Kozzy - Warlock [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name:Its a secret...Age:26Country:CZETimezone:Server timeZone, e.g. +1 i think...What kind of person are you:Mysterious person...Character InformationCharacter name: KozzyRace/Class: Undead/WarlockCurrent level: ...
Member avatar small Kozzy 5y
Kozzy31137Small Kailas 5y

Lazgur - Hunter [Declined]

Your real life name: JonasAge:20Country: SwedenTimezone:GMT+1What kind of person are you: I'am a kinda ncie person. typical swedishCharacter name: LazgurRace/Class: Troll HunterCurrent level: 60Primary raiding spec: 5/31/15Gear, are you close to y...
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lazgur2835Small Kailas 5y

Explosionist - Mage [Declined]

Personal InformationYour real life name: DanielAge: 23Country: GreeceTimezone: UTC+02:00What kind of person are you: Passionate gamer with love for the game Character InformationCharacter name: ExplosionistRace/Class: Undead/MageCurrent level: 60P...
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Explosionist3962Small Kailas 5y

Flikke - Warrior - Fury [Declined]

Your real life name: Carl Age: 26Country: SwedenWhat kind of person are you: For work i'm busting my ass on the railroad. Currently unemployed because the season starts in the spring again. If i'm not working I like to work out. I've been playing ...
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Flikke31225Small Kailas 5y

Killuminati - Warlock [Declined]

Personal InformationYour real life name:DamianAge:25Country:PolandTimezone:Server Time [EU]What kind of person are you:Im happy guy who love WoW Vanilla and TBC ContentI appreciate the criticism and take it to heart =DCharacter InformationCharacte...
Member avatar small Killuminatii 5y
Killuminatii31077Small Kailas 5y

Quivering - Hunter [Declined]

Personal InformationYour real life name:Robert Cornett..Age:24..Country:america..Timezone:EST (gmt-5)..What kind of person are you:kill all players in game..Character InformationCharacter name: QuiveringRace/Class: Troll hunterCurrent level: 60P...
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Quivering41295Small Kailas 5y

Arigatos - Priest - Holy [Declined]

Personal InformationYour real life name:GIORGOS XATZOPOOLOSAge:21Country:GreeceTimezone:UTC +2What kind of person are you: The kind of person that loves seeing efforts sprout and progression happenCharacter InformationCharacter name: ArigatosRace/...
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Arigatos2835Small Kailas 5y

Mofojojo - Druid - Restoration [Accepted] Trial

Personal InformationYour real life name:MilošAge:20Country:Slovak Republic / SlovakiaTimezone:UTC+01:00What kind of person are you:Im very moody person. In game Im almost always nice and cheerful becuase ... Well yeah its a game, you are supose to...
Member avatar small Mofojojo 5y
Mofojojo2744Small Kailas 5y

Lithz - Hunter [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name: MathiasAge: 23Country: DenmarkTimezone: UTC/GMT +1 hourWhat kind of person are you: friendly guy willing to help others, amix of pvper /pver Character InformationCharacter name: LithzRace/Class: Orc hunterC...
Member avatar small Lithz 5y
Lithz2757Small Kailas 5y

Izma - Shaman - Restoration [Accepted] Trial

Personal Information
Your real life name: Mike
Age: 25Country: GreeceTimezone: GMT +2What kind of person are you: I’m a cool kid! Don't really like this kind of questions tbh, people are complex and its not fair to try and categorise them, everyon...
Member avatar small Izma 5y
Izma2731Small Kailas 5y

Caeldar - Mage [Accepted]

Your real life name: GiorgosAge: 25Country: GreeceTimezone: GMT+2What kind of person are you: I am calm and logical, i like to be competitive and i am dedicated to my goalsCharacter InformationCharacter name: CaeldarRace/Class: UndeadCurrent level...
Member avatar small Caeldar 5y
Caeldar2802Member avatar small Assholio 5y

Mirios - Mage [Postponed]

Personal InformationYour real life name: AshAge: 25Country: USTimezone: GMT -6What kind of person are you: Easy-goingCharacter InformationCharacter name:MiriosRace/Class:Undead MageCurrent level:60Primary raiding spec:Frost for pre-AQ, Fire on...
Member avatar small Mirios 5y
Mirios41262Small Kolis 5y

Phnom - Warrior - Fury [Accepted] Social

Personal InformationYour real life name:Simon Age:24Country:SwedenTimezone:+1 GMT What kind of person are you:Sort of cute, but also competetive and angry. Only angry when people do fuck up. Over and over.Character InformationCharacter name: Phnom...
Member avatar small Phnom 5y
Phnom2870Small Kolis 5y

Dorch - Hunter [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name:SteveAge:28Country:CyprusTimezone:Server +1What kind of person are you:Chill person who does what is asked in raids, competitive in a lot of games including Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat X .Character In...
Member avatar small Dorch 5y
Dorch3994Small Kolis 5y

Tuvan - Mage [Accepted]

Your real life name:MateoAge:20Country:CroatiaTimezone:GMT+1What kind of person are you:DedicatedCharacter InformationCharacter name: TuvanRace/Class: TrollCurrent level:60Primary raiding spec: 31/0/20Gear, are you close to your preraid BiS ?http:...
Member avatar small Tuvan 5y
Tuvan2775Small Kailas 5y

Law - Warlock - DS/Ruin [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name:LarsAge:22Country:GermanyTimezone:CET+1What kind of person are you:Fun guy to be around I guess, always willing to help out ;)Character InformationCharacter name: LawRace/Class: Undead WarlockCurrent level: ...
Member avatar small Law 5y
Law51607Small Kolis 5y

Borkorc - Shaman - Restoration [Declined]

Your real life name:HanifAge:32Country:SwedenTimezone:UTC +1What kind of person are you:Iam that kind of guy who likes to joke around and have a laugh while meanwhile know exactly when to be serious both in RL and IG.I think my friends would descr...
Member avatar small Borkorc 5y
Borkorc31311Small Kailas 5y

Macdaddy - Rogue - Combat/Swords [Accepted]

Personal InformationYour real life name: MaxAge: 25Country: IsraelTimezone: GMT +2What kind of person are you: Ambitious, hard working, analytical thinker. I aim to absorb and experience all life has to offer while enjoying the journey.Character I...
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Guild News

The guild is growing!

What is going to happen?We will continue pushing for faster clears in Blackwing Lair, Molten Core and Zul’Gurub like usual and continue our preparations for Ahn’Qiraj. To most of you the only notable difference is that there will be more players ...
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